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Compassionate Mindfulness

The Art & Science of Spiritual Psychology

An enriching 3hr workshop teaching the art and science of compassion.  The workshops draw from Buddhist and multicultural practices to equip you with authentic knowledge and techniques for promotion of good mental health, stress management and self-empowerment.

Six week course. Cultivate greater life purpose, more meaningful relations with other people, and develop your potential. Topics include the science of human potential, religion-free spiritual approaches to mental health, stress management, personal development and well being. Discover new perspectives of mental health to complement your personal and professional lives.


Learn the art & science of spirituality    .    Cultivate good mental health    .    Develop your life potential

An introduction to Spiritual Psychology (3.5hrs)

This 3.5hr workshop delivers a thorough overview of the main topics covered in the 6 week course, introducing modern, cross-cultural and spiritual approaches to Psychology.

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Location: Forest Park Community Centre, Bracknell


please email for more info

please email for more info

Price: £25

Price: £10

Price: £10

Enriching and uplifting counselling. Understand the wider context of life's challenges and their function in your personal world. Overcome emotional and psychological distress. Relate to yourself & others in meaningful ways. Experience enlightenment within each session.


Price: £55 (1.5hr session)

Price: £60 (Relate/Relationships) (2hr session)


OR by SKYPE £35 for 1.5 hour session


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Enlightenment Counselling (one-to-one)

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OR delivered FREE at your community or drop-in centre

(for staff/volunteers and service-users)

Location: Forest Park Community Centre, Bracknell


Uplifting Counselling & Workshops


Available by Skype

Available by Skype: Amira OMpassion CIC

An enriching 4x workshop course especially designed for prevention and management of mental health conditions.


These workshops teach the art and science of compassion using the 3Cs; Compassion, Common Humanity, and Commitment.


These are motivating, confidence-building workshops, that provide the knowledge and techniques to promote good mental health, social skills and life skills. The workshops encourage individuals to recognise the positive function of challenging experiences in their life.

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£30 (4x workshop course)

OR delivered FREE at your community or drop-in centre

(for staff/volunteers and service-users)

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