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Amira Sagher BSc (Psych) (Hons), MSc Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness Studies (Director/Founder of OMpassion CIC)


Amira is an experienced Transpersonal Psychologist, former teacher, and trainer, specialising in the art & science of compassion-centred approaches for mental health rehabilitation and personal development.


With over fifteen years combined experience in these fields, these workshops have been designed to transfer valuable content and integrative learning styles, rooted in knowledge and expertise that is rare in the UK.  Drawn from her own extensive life challenges, these workshops facilitate therapeutically-led one to one and group sessions.


As a researcher, part of her time is spent researching with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, reviewing a wide range of cross-cultural literature in the science of human potential. These insights are expressed visually in a growing facebook page which has attracted the support of international scientists and organisations, including the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), Rupert Sheldrake, Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, Global Leadership.tv and other international media platforms.


Amira is also the founder of Consciousness Research Network, a research portal for scientists and students in the field of Consciousness studies. Her interest in the science of sexual effect, looks at important factors within mental health that relate to current or early sexual abuse and the prevalence of sexual misuse.


Amira also delivers cutting edge training courses to businesses for intuition, leadership development, and team harmony.  Read more about these courses here...


What we can do for you...

The name OMpassion was born from the Hindu Sanskrit word ‘OM’ or ‘AUM, which describes the primordial essence of life, the source of all potential and compassion, considered to be a vital life force. OMpassion courses focus on transcendence of our differences, cultivating compassion, well being and personal development within and between individuals.


OMpassion was created to provide accessible, high quality training in the art and science of compassion to healthcare staff and individuals. As a Community Interest Company, 100% of our profits go back in to the delivery of free workshops to mental health service users and related care staff.


Please consider donating. Donations pay for the cost of materials, administration staff and facilities hire to deliver free workshops to people in and around the Thames Valley.


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Amira Sagher