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While empathy is the ability to relate to emotion, compassion is the necessary healing space within which these emotions can integrate. This is experienced as kindness, warmth and alleviation. Like having a good cry and then somehow afterwards you feel better.


Compassion is a personal journey that emerges naturally through life narratives….which is why we appreciate music, stories, art, documentaries, films and other expressions of feelings and experiences. Sometimes just hearing another’s journey is enough to make sense of our own. Compassion releases us as well as the other person from suffering, through our physical-emotional connection with them.


Judgments of ourselves and others are blocks to the development of compassion. Judgments keep us locked in to emotionally fuelled mental-emotional patterns that the mind has created to gain a sense of identity/identification. Completely and entirely accepting how you are feeling, without trying to fix anything cultivates compassion. In this way, Compassion relieves us of the burden we can feel when we empathise a lot. This burden only emerges when the emotions haven’t really integrated. For some distressing emotional experiences this can take time and requires patience and trust. For others, it could be a simple thing that we have entangled with repeatedly, or ignored, that has since grown bigger. Trust that it is our recognition, acceptance and kindness, without trying to ‘fix’ anything that allows compassion to emerge from within you or other people as a healing force.


In the absence of any person in your life, some people give themselves up to what religions call ‘God’. Giving up your self, is really giving up the ‘I’ that you have used to define yourself in ways that have become problematic in your life. Instead you realise a more fundamental sense of being in the world and develop yourself from there. Compassion is the ‘i’ through which the heart can see.


Compassion is a place where our emotions are met with kindness. It can certainly be overwhelming if we feel lots of empathy but are trying to fix everything. Compassion is a kind and warm space that comes when we can be at peace with what ‘is’. In this way compassion alleviates distress through a combination of kindness and mindfulness. Science is already showing the many relations between compassion and emotional well being.

What is compassion?

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