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6CS Training course (5hr workshop)

Ideal for new front line care staff as part of their induction training, or for existing members of the team. Specifically addressing the Department of Health's (DoH) 6-point agenda for compassionate care in the NHS. This full day course walks learners through each of the 6Cs; what they are, what they mean and how they can be fulfilled in the workplace. The 6Cs are brought to life through interesting, easy to understand science; practical activities; and intelligent working scenarios; that demonstrate the nature and function of compassion. The course also includes a personal development section introducing techniques for cultivating genuine compassion. Suitable for RGNs, Managers, Foundation Year 1 Doctors, Social Workers, General Care staff. This course fulfills the mandatory training requirements for your regulatory assessments on compassionate care, by the CareQuality Commission. Read more...


Compassion Enrichment training (3.5hr workshop)

While the 6Cs course teaches the function & application of each 6C,  the Compassion Prep course concentrates on enriching each learner with a deeper understanding of compassion. Compassion is an effortless therapeutic presence that emerges with the use of specific tools and theoretical perspectives. Techniques taught on this course include mindfulness, self-other compassion, emotional and stress management skills. These techniques are specifically aimed at helping the staff member to find balance within their  care role, improving teamwork and encouraging personal self development. The course is delivered through stimulating presentation slides and activities for staff members to complete. Suitable for RGNs, Managers, Foundation Year 1 Doctors, Social Workers, General Care staff. Read more....

OMpassion CIC deliver a varitey of courses and workshops for the general public, healthcare staff, businesses and the Police Force.


All of our courses and workshops are created and delivered by Amira Sagher, an expert in this field.


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