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Mind's 'i' (mi): The 3Cs Workshop (3 x workshop course)


£25 (general public)


This course is delivered FREE to community and mental health groups


Mi's 3Cs course (Compassion, Common Humanity, Committment)

These workshops teach compassionate mindfulness for personal development, using the 3Cs; Compassion, Common Humanity, & Committment. These explore how you relate to yourself and other people in the world, how to manage difficult emotions and value our individual differences with a sense of common humanity. How to work together as a team and how to be confidently independent.


Knowing and staying in touch with that fundamental sense of ‘me’  helps us to understand ourselves and others. So that we don't take too much of it 'personally', we can express ourselves, see, learn, grow and inspire others.


Learning about science makes these workshops interesting and motivating. How emotions works, what being in nature does, how stuff like Yoga can help with things like Schizophrenia, Depression and Anxiety. What is the ancient Chinese Meridian system about? What happens in our body when we are compassionate?


From these workshops you will start to see the positive function of our challenges, as a journey of personal development, reducing the stigma associated with mental health conditions. From these workshops we recognise that emotions are temporary experiences, and that our experiences themselves serve a positive function in our lives. We can learn how to use emotions positively and understand why it is we face challenges in the first place.  


From the confidence and inspiration you will gain from the workshops, you may come up with many insights about yourself or other people, ideas of what you want to do with your life fromnow, knowing what makes you happy and how you can cultivate more of this in your life.


Mind's 'i' workshops help you to realise that you can change difficulties into opportunities for personal development. With this understanding you can go out in to the world confident and happy with the knowledge and techniques to manage any challenge that comes your way.

Download our self-help booklet here

We deliver this course FREE to community support groups, please email amira@ompassion.co.uk

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'mi' (mind's 'i') 3x workshop course  (young people)