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The experience of the workshop:

  • Enrich yourself with your own inner compassion.

  • Learn emotional and stress management techniques

  • Understand the relationship with yourself and other people.

  • Be inspired by interesting science.

  • Find and fulfill your life potential


The 3Cs workshops develop the following;

  • Knowledge for the alleviation of emotional and psychological stress

  • Understanding people

  • Ability to turn around difficult experiences

  • Life inspiration

  • Happiness


Location: Forest Park Community Centre, Bracknell, RG12 0XQ


To book: please amira@ompassion.co.uk

Mind's 'i' (mi): The 3Cs Workshop  (3x workshop course)

£25 per person  (general public)


This course is delivered FREE to community and mental health support groups, Volunteers, Carers & Youth Workers.


Mi's 3Cs course (Compassion, Common Humanity, Committment)

What we make of ourselves and other people is a platform for our happiness and development in the world. When wee struggle with situations, thoughts or emotions in life, it often whittles down to the question ‘what does it mean for me?’


Mi workshops have been especially designed for each person to cultivate compassion, inspiration and personal development, to lead an enriching, rewarding and happy life.


Knowing and staying in touch with that fundamental sense of ‘me’  helps us to understand others too. From this compassionate common sense, you will develop greater intuition, confidence, self-empowerment, make better decisions and shed emotional baggage. From emotional challenges, we find and help develop your true potential.


This is a therapeutic, motivational, educational course, grounded in interesting, easy to understand science.

'mi' (mind's 'i') 3x workshop course

Download our self-help booklet here