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Staff are taught techniques rooted in Compassionate Mindfulness for the promotion of teamwork; stress management; good mental health; and harmony within the workplace. Because this course explains how the taught practices work, one of the most beneficial aspects of the training is the inspiration and motivation that staff feel to continue applying their learning.


This is an engaging, high quality course that can transform the working environment, cultivating optimal productivity for your business.


We encourage businesses to enrol staff from different departments, as this provides a valuable opportunity to improve communication, understanding, care and productivty between departments.


Topics include:

  • Compassionate Mindfulness

  • Emotional release techniques

  • The science of yoga and meditation


For: Departmental staff and Managers


  • Certificated course

  • Created and delivered by an expert in this field

  • High quality content



£1100 (up to 25 staff members across 1-2 sessions. On-site delivery)

£1800 (up to 25 staff members across one session. Conference location, incl lunch)


For smaller departments (up to 15 people):

£850 / £1050 (on-site / conference location)


This course can be delivered on weekends.

All prices include course materials and are not subject to VAT.

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Team Harmony

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