Directors & CEOs

Mindfulness training teaches high level executives how to develop authentic,  effective leadership through techniques that cultivate focussed attention, clarity, insight, intuition and improved decision making. Mindfulness training improves creativity, opening the person up to greater innovation, original thinking and evolution of your business. Mindfulness is also an advanced stress management tool utilised for personal and professional development. See our Leadership course.


Management teams

Managers undertaking our courses are expected to gain high quality leadership and people management skills; increased ability for stress management; cultivating team harmony, creativity, intuition & improved for a more efficient and happier working environment. See our Team Harmony training and Leadership courses.


General department teams

These staff members are the nuts and bolts of your business. Being happy at work is important to the quality and longevity of each staff's members committment to your company and their productivity. Our Team Harmony course trains team members to form harmonious, healthy relationships with themselves and other people; teaching stress management techniques; and promoting good mental health.



Hospitality staff will develop from these courses in the aspects of authenticity, compassion and intuition development, learning how to recognise customers needs before they do and building personable, authentic rapport with each customer to deliver a superior standard of service. See our Hospitality course.


Why use Amira Sagher for your Mindfulness training?

Amira Sagher is an expert in the field of science and spirituality, in addition to a background in business development, teaching and mental health. Being one of few authentic mindfulness training courses delivered from a scientific platform, these courses offer a level of knowledge and expertise that you are unlikely to find from other Mindfulness training courses.

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How Mindfulness can help your business;

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Organisations using Mindfulness training

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What is Mindfulness?