The Art & Science of Mindfulness: Hospitality

From reading body language, to developing intuition, recognising the needs of customers before they do. This course nurtures your staff to deliver a service that is second to none. Techniques inlude mindfulness, empathy, flair and intuition development for customer-facing team members.

Price: £1250 / £1950 (onsite/conference location).

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The Art & Science of Mindfulness: Team harmony

Staff are taught techniques rooted in Compassionate Mindfulness for the promotion of teamwork; stress management; good mental health; and harmony within the workplace... Read more

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"A new generation of leaders: Business embraces meditation and mindfulness"

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General Electric Board

The Board at General Electric , international excellence in leadership

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The Art & Science of Mindfulness: Key Topic courses

Key topic courses focus on specific content from our main courses. These include; brain gym (mindfulness training exercises); stress management and mental health; compassionate mindfulness; and intuition development.

Price: £550 (4 hour sessions).


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The Art & Science of Mindfulness: Police training

A unique, enriching and developmental course for the police force. Focusses on intuition development, people relations and compassion training for people management, team harmony, stress management and personal strength.

Price: £2500 (up to 24 Officers, local conference location)

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