The Art & Science of Mindfulness teaches techniques at the cutting edge of personal and professional development. Our courses are designed and delivered by an expert in this field. Few Mindfulness courses can offer this unique combination of science, Buddhism and business development, specialising in mental health and people development.


The Art & Science of Mindfulness offers a range of courses especially designed for leadership & people management, team harmony and high end customer service.


Motivating, engaging and rewarding, our courses train staff members and leaders in the practice, function, and benefits of Mindfulness in the workplace.  


Amira Sagher (BSc, MSc )

Amira Sagher is an expert in the field of Transpersonal Psychology (the scientific study of human connection), specialising in the art and science of mindfulness and compassion. Her background is a valuable mix of business development, education and mental health, with over fifteen years combined experience. She is also a voluntary researcher with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, California, and works regularly with reputable scientists in the UK, reviewing research in to a range of cutting edge technologies for mental health and well being.

Amira is also the Founder and Company Director of OMpassion C.I.C., delivering high quality training in the Art & science of Compassion for healthcare staff. As a Community Interest Company, 100% of OMpassion's profits are put back in to the organisation, to promote and deliver workshops for mental health service users. As an independent course facilitator, 10% of Amira's income from her work with businesses is donated to OMpassion to help achieve its goals. Read more about OMpassion for healthcare here


Amira's professional career began as a young entrepeneur with a talent for sales, marketing and business development.  In 2001 her longterm partner became ill with a mental health condition and she became involved full time with his care. Aged 30, Amira began an undergraduate psychology degree at Royal Holloway University of London, before completing her Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness Studies at Northampton University. During this time, Amira trained in Soto Zen at the Reading Buddhist Priory, furthering her ongoing mindfulness practice and completed her Masters disseration in the function and mechanics of empathy. Her experience as a Further Education teacher complements her continued work in mental health, compassion, business development and education.


Amira is also a researcher of consciousness studies (the scientific study of human connection), with special interest in compassion and spiritual experience. Her theories & those of others are expressed visually in a growing facebook page (spirit : science) which has attracted the interest of international scientists, authors and media publications.


Her extensive knowledge in this field, combined with her personal and professional experience, emerge in a range of cutting edge training courses that are The Art & Science of Mindfulness.

    The Art & Science of Mindfulness for;

  • Intuition development

  • Authenticity

  • People management

  • Leadership ability

  • Longevity in Business

  • Intelligent selling

  • Stress management

  • Business ethics

  • Innovation & creativity

  • Teamwork

  • Good mental health

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